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New at SFDY: Matthias Spott, NewSpace pioneer

Weßling, 13 May 2024 – We are delighted to announce that Matthias Spott, one of Europe's most renowned NewSpace entrepreneurs, will be supporting SFDY as a Business Angel and advisor!

Matthias will join STARFLIGHT DYNAMICS alongside his ongoing roles as Founder & CEO of Polaris Space Ventures and LEOconomy.

“Thanks to his extensive experience and vast network across various industries, Matthias will be an invaluable asset to the future of SFDY! Moreover, since LEOconomy aims to open space as an economic sphere beyond rockets and satellites, our missions are perfectly aligned and can mutually enhance each other.”


"The ambition to build the necessary infrastructure for industries to thrive in space is what first attracted me to STARFLIGHT DYNAMICS. The more details I learned, the more convinced I became of their vision. My decision to support SFDY is a testament to my confidence in their plan, team, and capabilities!”

- Matthias Spott

About Matthias Spott:

With nearly 20 years in the traditional aerospace, defense, and security industry, Matthias founded several NewSpace companies to implement a European mega-constellation for satellite-based industrial broadband connectivity solutions. Since 2021, he has been establishing Polaris Space Ventures as an investment platform to engage with early-stage NewSpace start-ups and support their founders. Recently, he founded LEOconomy Holding to create an ecosystem bridging space and non-space industries, building a Space-as-a-Service company. (LinkedIn)

With Matthias on board, we are now an even stronger and more qualified team, united by the mission to bring industry to space. Welcome to SFDY, Matthias!

Meet us up there.


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